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How Curry Fish Balls Became A Street Food Icon

Curry Fish Balls are one of the most popular and well-known Hong Kong style snacks not just in the city of Hong Kong but in Chinese cummunities across the world. From the dazzling commercial districts at Causeway Bay to snack stands at the crowded Mong Kok, or restaurants in China, Southeast Asia, or even North America and Europe, curry fish balls can be found and are deeply loved.

Curry fish balls are a symbol of a mixture of two different cultures. Fish balls are a type of traditional snack along the coast of Chinese Southern Sea. The balls are made of fish meat and starch, making it a very cheap option for a snack. Curry, on the other hand, is far from a Chinese local tradition. Curry is originated in Southern Asia which has rich production of a variety of spices and herbs. During the British reign over Hong Kong, lots of Indian officials and workers came to Hong Kong along with the British governers, bringing in their traditional curry recipes. 

Although being a legendary food icon of Hong Kong, curry fish balls don't have a very long history as many may expect. From the 1950s and 60s, street pedlars started to make fish balls with leftover materials from fish stands to lower the cost. The fish balls are either white or deep fried to golden. At the time, a large portion of snack and deli makers were from Chaozhou, hence this snack was widely known as Chaozhou Fish Balls. In recent years, the fish balls are no longer made of poor materials, while most fish balls are still titled with Chaozhou despite the chef may have no connection with the city.

The curry sause used for curry fish balls is generally Singaporean or Malaysian style with added coconut cream. The rich aroma and texture of this flavour of the Southern Sea is the key to the popularity of curry fish balls. According to a research in 2002, the people of Hong Kong consume about 55 tons of fish balls every day, 1.3 billion balls every year - that's around 200 per person every year. The number has only grown even larger since then, as curry fish balls have become not only a snack legend but also an essential part of the life of those who deeply love them.

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